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Freedom on Deck was established in 2015 as a fledgling conservative podcast that was signed to Fox News 94.9 WJJF out of Connecticut within that very year. The team is constructed of three very large personalities for sure: "Mean" Chet Martin, "The NH Redneck" Brian Beault, and "The Fearless" CV Berton. These guys aren't afraid to tell you that they will go to war for President Trump, our Constitution and our freedoms! Welcome to Freedom on Deck!

"Mean" Chet Martin was first heard as an everyday caller to the Lee Elci Show on 94.9 News Now and Stimulating Talk where he later entered a contest called King of the Callers in which he made the final four. Eventually, he started a podcast called Freedom on Deck with his best friend Brian Breault. WJJF eventually called Chet and asked if he'd be interested in bringing the show to the station. It was a done deal.

Chet was the first member of the show to throw his support behind Donald Trump during the 2016 primary season. This was before CV Berton joined the program.

Chet is a huge supporter of our veterans, a Second Amendment advocate and card-carrying member of the Oath Keepers, the John Birch Society, NRA and Judicial Watch. Chet is the driving force behind Freedom on Deck as co-host, managing its social media presence, booking guests, creating artwork and memes and handling the promotion.

Chet has been featured as a guest on the Lee Elci Show, the Dan Newmyer Show, the Xander Gibb Show, the Andrea Kaye Show, the America First Network, the Julio Rivera Show and more! Catch him every Sunday on Freedom on Deck and every Friday on the weekly half-hour podcast: FOD OVERDRIVE!

"The New Hampshire Redneck" Brian Breault is one of the founding members of Freedom on Deck, and was Chet's best friend from High School back in the day. He recently moved with his family to New Hampshire from Long Island and is still able to co-host the show from long distance.

The “Fearless” CV Berton was a long time guest on Freedom on Deck when he was the host of the America First Network. Being a kindred spirit and fellow Long Islander, he meshed well with Chet and Brian and was eventually asked to joined the show as a co-host in early 2017.

CV is an unapologetic Trump supporter who has been to Trump campaign rallies and stood behind candidate Trump with the New York Veteran Police Association (the first organization to throw their support behind Donald Trump’s candidacy) at a media event on Staten Island in 2016 where he shook the Donald’s hand and told him that the people have his back – and he was right.

CV is a proud supporter of our veterans, our constitutional rights and the Republican party, and in addition to being the third co-host, he’s handy with Freedom on Deck’s website and the design of its official logo.

CV has been a featured guest on radio talk shows and podcasts of legendary talk show hosts including the late, great Bob Grant, for whom he has ghost-written his biography due to be soon released soon.