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24 Year Old Woman Killed and at Least 5 Injured in Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Henry Kissinger, Legendary American Diplomat (1923-2023)

Speaker Johnson, Reps Announce Biden Impeachment Inquiry for Corrupt Influence Peddling

China is Running an Operation to Get Americans Hooked on Illegal Drugs

Pennsylvania Water System Hacked, Haunting Message Appears on Control Panel

United Nations Set to Call on Americans to Reduce Meat Consumption

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson Released from Prison after He was Gassed, Cuffed, Detained and Arrested for Attending Rally against Anti-Semitism – is Now Banned from London

Tommy Robinson Arrested in London for Reporting on Rally

Conservative Lawyer DC_Draino Clashes with Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek RamItSideways in Heated Debate Over Vivek’s Controversial Background

]The Errors, the Lie, and the Cover-Up in Georgia’s 2020 Election

EXPOSED: Bill Gates’s Relationship with Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Revolved Around a Global Health Investment Fund

Tearful Israeli Hostages - including Children & Grandmother, 77, take First Steps of Freedom after 48 Days

Trump will Visit the Left’s Worst Nightmare: Argentina

Muslims Riot, Torch & Loot in Dublin after Muslim Stabbed Women & Children- Mob Chants: Get them Out!

NY Vehicle Explosion at US-Canada Border is Attempted Terror Attack, Sources tell Fox News

Senior Pentagon Official Overseeing Elementary Schools Division Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting

ICE Arrests Illegal Alien Child Rapist in Martha’s Vineyard

Federal Appeals Court Panel Blasts Judge Chutkan, Signals it will Narrow Trump’s Unconstitutional Gag Order

Populist Libertarian Javier Milei Wins Presidency of Argentina in Landslide

Beef Company CEO Stands Up to Big Pharma: “I’ll Shut Down the Company Before We Ship a Single Bag with mRNA-Injected Meat”

SAY THEIR NAMES: Matthew Perna, Jord Meachum, Mark Aungst, Chris Stanton — The J6 Defendants Who Died by Suicide Following the Harassment by Their Government

Jack Smith HUMILIATED by Judge on Case against Trump

Georgia Judge Allows Challenge to Dominion Voting Machines to Continue

In Berlin, Erdogan says Germany can’t criticize Israel because of the Holocaust

Moms for Liberty Revenue Grows by 500% in One Year

Democrats Reeling as Spanish Language News Leader Changes its Tune on Trump


Rep. Tim Burchett Accuses Former Speaker McCarthy of Violently Sucker-Punching Him: “Clean Shot to the Kidneys”

UK Courts just Murdered an 8-Month-Old Baby. Welcome to the “Death Panels”

Tucker Carlson on the Streets of Madrid Calling Out the Corrupt Socialists in the Spanish Government

Sudden Deaths Doubled after Covid Shots, Pfizer Trials Show

“Protesters in Downtown NY Decided to Attack Our Bus!” – Former UFC Champion Jamahal Hill Reports Live from NY as Violent Anti-Israel Mob Attack his Bus

Harvard, US Treasury Economists Forced to Admit Trump Tax Cuts Worked as Advertised

Uncooperative Maricopa County Stonewalls The Gateway Pundit AGAIN After Their Latest Election Interference

HOW WE WIN IN 2024… Can ERIC System Clean Voter Rolls? Fractal Brings the Receipts

J6 Fugitive Gregory Yetman Surrenders to Police After 3-Day Manhunt with Hounds

70 Republicans Reward Weaponized FBI with $300M Gift - Here Are Their Names

Texas Chemical Plant Explosion Leads to Shelter-in-Place Order and School Evacuation

“Recurring Nightmare” – Maricopa County’s Latest Election Interference: CAMERAS OFF, Voting Locations Close Early, Voters who Called Maricopa Sent to CLOSED Locations in Jurisdictional Election (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump Arrives at NYC Court for the Letitia James Show Trial – Wicked Regime is Now Targeting the Trump Kids (VIDEO)

Crash Landing: The Inside Scoop About How Covid and Affirmative Action Policy Gutted Aviation Safety

Rashida Tlaib Officially Punished by Congress as 22 Democrats Side with Republicans

Nashville Covenant School Trans Shooter’s Manifesto has Been Leaked

Under Siege – All Hell Breaks Loose at White House

Eric Trump Goes Scorched Earth Outside Court After Forced Testimony

Biden Secretly Brought in Obama for Key Role after Harris Failed Miserably

Jim Jordan Declares Probe into Alleged DOJ Spying on Congress Members, Staff